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Vanessa "Nessa" Gray is a writer living in the wilderness of Montana. At heart she's a southern girl, having been born and raised in South Carolina (GO TIGERS!). She enjoys sports, drinking copious amounts of coffee and wine, as well as consorting with other sophisticated ladies that say fuck a lot. She's most likely to be found sitting around in yoga pants with a pencil behind her ear, chewing her fingernails as she sorts out her next book, cries over book boyfriends, and generally loses her mind. She is new to the writing game but can't wait to get involved in the indie community.


She loves to hear from her readers and fellow authors alike. Got tips, questions, hatemail or gifts? Feel free to send her an email at


(If you can't be bothered to email me, feel free to send me a friend request on Facebook. I can be found here.)

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